PRAISE for Someone You Love is Gone

"A beautiful, haunting story of one family, spanning generations and continents, as they face life's inevitable losses, struggle with grief, and reach for redemption."

-Shilpi Somaya Gowda,  New York Times Bestselling author of the Secret Daughter and Golden Son

“In this brave and beautifully written novel, Gurjinder Basran shines a light into the darkest corners of one family’s emotional inheritance. Grief has the power to remake us, and for Simran and her mother, Amrita, it proves truly transformative, blurring the lines between self and other, home and history—even life and death.”

-Alissa York, author of Fauna and The Naturalist

"Someone You Love is Gone is a touching, interesting look at a family’s ups-and-downs and generational connections."

- The Vancouver Sun

"Although epic in scope, Someone You Love is Gone is economically and poetically written."

-The Toronto Star

"Someone You Love Is Gone proves Basran knows deeply the ways personal history is etched by time and events."

-The Georgia Straight

"The ability alone to weave this moral complexity into her stories makes Gurjinder Basran a novelist worth reading."

-The Globe And Mail

"A realistic and emotional portrayal of grief."

-The Kirkus Review

PRAISE for Everything Was Good-bye


a fascinating story, skillfully written, of a rebellious young woman's remarkable courage."

-Jack Hodgins, author of The Master of Happy Endings, Broken Ground, The Invention of The World

"...a brave book, and also a pleasure to read: emotionally engaging, sensuous, vibrant and beautifully observed."

Kathy Page, author of The Find, Alphabet, The Story of My Face, The Two of Us

"A tender novel about identity and the search for belonging that is both humorous and heartbreaking. In Meena, Basran has created a feisty, complicated and irrepressible heroine."

Thrity Umrigar, author of the bestselling "The Space Between Us" and "The World We Found."

"Basran's writing is by turns elegant and poetic..."

Quill and Quire

"Thought provoking and compelling...a timely and engaging read..."

Winnepeg Free Press

"A sad story, ending in a misery born from that clash of cultures, but the writing is vivid, full of crackling dialogue and the plot is completely absorbing...Basran's book reminds me of the Pulitzer-prize winning novelist, Bengali American writer Jhumpa Lahiri, who also draw the outsider into the world of Indian immigrants to North America, vividly expressing their difficult adaptation...She is clearly on the same path as Lahiri, a write on the first step to greatness."

Toronto Star 


The Vancouver Sun

"(This) complex drama of knowing someone by heart is universal...Fans of Jhumpa Lahiri will want to read this first novel.


"Everything Was Good-bye is an achievement to be proud of and has garnered the recognition and positive attention it deserves."

The Tyee